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「Commack」「四川菜餐廳」「Sichuan Cuisine」「chinese food」「spicy home tasty」「spicy」「chinese restaurant」「spicy noodles」「tasty」
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1 個月前
(由 Google 翻譯) 這家餐廳很棒。食物美味新鮮。非常乾淨的地方和優質的服務。如果你問,工作人員會修改辛辣情緒。強烈推薦! (原文) This restaurant is wonderful. The food is delicious and fresh. Very clean place and great service. Staff will modify the spiciness if you ask. Highly recommended!
- Susan R
1 個月前
(由 Google 翻譯) 食物絕對超越了您典型的中國美食體驗。然而,他們人手不足,工作人員似乎更關注你的訂單和要求。總而言之,這絕對物超所值。早到,那裡沒有很多停車位 (原文) Food was absolutely fantastic way above your typical Chinese food experience. However they were understaffed and the staff seemed more in a rush than paying attention to your order and requests. Over all it's definitely worth going the food is so good. Arrive early there's not a lot of parking
- George P
1 個月前
(由 Google 翻譯) 如果你想要美味正宗的中國菜,這是薩福克最好的地方之一。他們專注於四川風味,這是我的家鄉美食。優質的服務,友好的員工。絕對推薦。 (原文) If you want tasty authentic Chinese food, this is one of the best place in Suffolk. They specialize in Sichuan style, which is my hometown food. Great service, friendly staff. Definitely recommended.
- M G

About Us

Spicy Home Tasty located at Commack, Suffolk County, New York on Long Island, provides comfort, elegant and a modern dining environment. The restaurant specializes in authentic Sichuan, also known as "Szechuan" Cuisine.Sichuan cuisine is one of four major Chinese cuisines originated from Sichuan, China. Famous for its chili hot, spicy, savory, and flavorful; It holds a reputation for its variety of seasonings used, as each dish requires different cooking methods. As the saying goes, 'one dish with one flavor, with one hundred dishes come a hundred flavors.'



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1087 Jericho Turnpike
Commack, NY 11725


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