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3 週前
- Ross L
4 週前
(由 Google 翻譯) 食物總是很美味!我們為2個非常大的碗訂購酸辣湯3可以分享它非常好,春捲,雞肉乾鍋非常好但你需要米飯因為它是如此辣/辣辣椒油和鹽我最喜歡的菜餛飩和辣椒蝦好吃! (原文) The food is always delicious! We ordered hot and sour soup for 2 very big bowl 3 could share it was very good, spring rolls, dry pot with chicken very good but you needed to have rice cause it was so hot/ spicy my favorite dish wontons in chili oil and salt and pepper shrimp delicious!
- Reina B
4 個月前
(由 Google 翻譯) 正宗的中國菜,提供各種非常有趣的菜餚。你可以得到一些美國菜,但我絕對建議你冒險嘗試不同的東西。我嘗試了幾種雞肉和蔬菜,它們非常好吃。有些菜很辣,我喜歡,但一定要詢問你的服務器有關你訂購的香料水平。 (原文) Authentic Chinese food with a selection of very interesting dishes. You can get some Americanized dishes, but I definitely recommend being adventurous and trying something different. I tried a couple of chicken and vegetable dishes and they were very good. Some of the dishes are very spicy, which I like, but be sure to ask your server about the spice level of whatever you order.
- Lisa P

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Spicy Home Tasty located at Commack, Suffolk County, New York on Long Island, provides comfort, elegant and a modern dining environment. The restaurant specializes in authentic Sichuan, also known as "Szechuan" Cuisine.Sichuan cuisine is one of four major Chinese cuisines originated from Sichuan, China. Famous for its chili hot, spicy, savory, and flavorful; It holds a reputation for its variety of seasonings used, as each dish requires different cooking methods. As the saying goes, 'one dish with one flavor, with one hundred dishes come a hundred flavors.'



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