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「Commack」「四川菜餐廳」「Sichuan Cuisine」「chinese food」「spicy home tasty」「spicy」「chinese restaurant」「spicy noodles」「tasty」
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1 個月前
(由 Google 翻譯) (原文) Certainly one of the best 'real' Chinese food places in Suffolk. The food is flavorful, portions and price are great, and the owner/servers are very nice and attentive. I recommend coming here with a group (6-8 pp) so you can try various dishes!
- C. K
4 個月前
(由 Google 翻譯) 元旦,尋找吃飯的地方,我們不小心落在這裡。我吃過中國菜最好的地方。服務無可挑剔!人們很善良,細心。美味的食物,不貴。推薦吧! (原文) New Year’s Day, looking for a place to eat and we accidentally landed here. Best place I have ever had Chinese food. The service is impeccable! People are nice and attentive. Delicious food, not expensive. Recommend it !
- Jenn G
3 個月前
(由 Google 翻譯) 這就像我在長島上吃到正宗的四川美食一樣近。食物很棒,比這裡的普通中餐館好得多。服務非常好,總是在那裡,但不是在你的臉上。價格超過合理價格。 我給它五顆星,我很快就會在那裡。 (原文) This is as close as i got to authentic sichuan food on long island. The food is great, the place is much nicer than your average Chinese restaurant around here. The service is very good, always there but not in your face. And the prices are more than reasonable. I give it five stars and I’ll be there again quite soon.
- Slobodan K

About Us

Spicy Home Tasty located at Commack, Suffolk County, New York on Long Island, provides comfort, elegant and a modern dining environment. The restaurant specializes in authentic Sichuan, also known as "Szechuan" Cuisine.Sichuan cuisine is one of four major Chinese cuisines originated from Sichuan, China. Famous for its chili hot, spicy, savory, and flavorful; It holds a reputation for its variety of seasonings used, as each dish requires different cooking methods. As the saying goes, 'one dish with one flavor, with one hundred dishes come a hundred flavors.'



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1087 Jericho Turnpike
Commack, NY 11725


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